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    It’s been a bit since we’ve been over here! Life kind of happens that way sometimes! We do well and take charge and get things accomplished some days and other days, we’re doing well to keep our heads above water. Lately, at least for me, it’s been the latter. Busy at work. Busy at home. Lots of stress. And so, why, do you ask, would I want to take on the added stress of attempting 50,000 words of writing in a month? I think there’s something about the discipline that I need. I am not good at finishing things when they’re open-ended. If I have nothing forcing me to finish,…

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    Questions and more questions

    We’re way overdue for a new post over here. It’s been a busy several weeks, and I’m feeling as if I need to do something writing-esque this evening, but not feeling up to starting the new chapter I need to begin. So I did some searching and found this list of questions to ask writers instead! Not all of them apply (not being a published author), but I thought I’d answer the ones that do. If you want to weigh in on some of the questions yourself, feel free! What literary pilgrimages have you gone on? I’m not certain what is meant by a “literary pilgrimage”, but I am going…

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    Nostalgia 101

    Even though there is the sadness of having to get up for work tomorrow, I am growing to appreciate Sundays. I get to relax, catch up on some things I haven’t had much time for during the week and let my mind wind down after a crazy week. I can see why God gave the command to have a day of rest. After a mad comment posting spree (hi everyone!), I was thinking about some of the old things that Jix used to have around at the beginning, and I was remembering fondly those old blogathons. Raising money for charity by writing a story over 24 hours. While I don’t…

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    Plot vs. Characterization

    It’s an age-old war. Is it crucial to get the plot points right? To get the action from Point A to B to C in a way that is exciting and dynamic and interesting? Or is it more crucial for the reader to care about the characters? Does a book get too plodding and slow if you spend time meandering with the characters in it? I’m a person who loves a good plot. Primarily, my favorite type of fiction is the very intricate mystery/crime fiction that has so many twists and turns that you can’t see the ending coming. Trying to put the pieces together is so fascinating to me.…

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    A Serial Story, Part 4

    Michael Koch leaned back in his chair and wearily rubbed the bridge of his nose. God, he thought that meeting would never end. He’d long stopped asking himself when had meeting with the board stopped challenging and energizing him and became merely something to endure. Because at this point, it felt like forever. As heir to his family’s fortune, he had spent many years proving that it was talent, not entitlement, that had landed him on the Forbes Top 400 list. But somewhere along the line, he had stopped caring. Truth of the matter was, he was bored. Meeting Maggie had been like a breath of fresh air. His marriage…

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    It’s all about me.

    I started off this post a while back, and my life has kind of exploded. I am on my summer hours (no Friday work!) and so I can stay up later tonight (no 10 pm bedtime! Hurrah!). So I thought I’d take time to rework this post to be more than something I just slapdashed together So, it’s a little before 10:30. I had looked at my writing places, trying to figure out something I was in the mood to write. And finally, I just decided that the muses weren’t cooperating and that I was just going to sign off of all the distractable Internet places and go to bed.…

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    Now Novel’s 50 Creative Writing Prompts to Enrich Your Craft

    What’s great about Now Novel’s prompts is that they’re not just random prompts to jump start your creativity. They are actually crafted to help you improve certain areas of your writing and actually explain how they help. They’re pretty darn awesome! Do you need help mastering POV or tense? Creating compelling dialogue? Or vivid settings or interesting characters? How about creating strong openings? Crafting more effective sentences and phrases? What about eventful plots and satisfying endings? Who couldn’t use help in these areas? Look no further than www.nownovel.com/blog/50-creative-writing-prompts/

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    Don’t Fork With Me

    I’ve had a post rattling around my head for weeks, but running around the state, cleaning out 47 years of accumulation, having freakin’ Sophie’s choice with every family heirloom, trying to do my job and somebody’s else’s, running around the state partaking in end-of-year activities for seven of my twelve nieces and nephews, and trying to be a good and present wife (among a gazillion other things not even worth mentioning)…well, being a “good blogger” dropped way down on the list. But the post wouldn’t die, and just kept bouncing around in that scary place called “my brain.” In rare moments of solitude (like during the quick 5-minute showers I…