A Serial Story

A Serial Story: Part 3

Meanwhile, the man watching the little bungalow stood quietly in the shadows, contemplating his next move.

So Maggie was somehow involved with Alfonso. Interesting, very interesting.

The man ran a slender hand through his wavy brown hair, as he often unconsciously did when his mind was stewing over a problem or plotting his next move.

This time, it was both. Maggie and Al being in cahoots was a problem. A bog one. And he had to determine exactly how to deal with it.

Tell his employer immediately? Wait until he had more facts? Try to solve the problem on his own and then report to his employer?

“C’mon, Ethan, think,” he muttered to himself as he stared at the house Maggie had entered a few minutes before.

The man who signed Ethan’s paychecks didn’t like loose ends. If Ethan could take care of this little problem, his boss would be much happier receiving a report of “All taken care of.”

On the other hand, if something went wrong, and the boss found out that Ethan knew about this new little wrinkle and didn’t tell him…

Well, Ethan didn’t want to think about that.

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