A Serial Story

A Serial Story, Part 4

Michael Koch leaned back in his chair and wearily rubbed the bridge of his nose. God, he thought that meeting would never end. He’d long stopped asking himself when had meeting with the board stopped challenging and energizing him and became merely something to endure.

Because at this point, it felt like forever.

As heir to his family’s fortune, he had spent many years proving that it was talent, not entitlement, that had landed him on the Forbes Top 400 list. But somewhere along the line, he had stopped caring.

Truth of the matter was, he was bored.

Meeting Maggie had been like a breath of fresh air. His marriage of over 20 years long grown stale, a chance encounter with the blonde beauty at a benefit had taken him by surprise. Normally a cautious and work-driven man, he found himself thinking about her constantly. It wasn’t long before he was arranging stolen moments when the two of them could be together.

He’d had dalliances before, of course. Could he help it if a man of his wealth and position found himself on the receiving end of so many blatant come-ons and sexual opportunities? He thought of these encounters as stress relief, akin to a game of racquetball or working out at the club.  He never gave any of these women much thought afterwards and doubted they thought much about him, either, except to admire his usual parting gift of jewelry of some sort.

But Maggie was different in every way.

Even while inwardly cringing at the cliché of it all, he couldn’t seem to get enough of her. What he thought would be his usual one-night stand was turning into something unexpected, something more.

Maggie seemed to know exactly what he needed when he needed it. And she got him to open up in a way that nobody had for years, coaxing out stories of his privileged childhood and a father who was always too busy for his family, much to his surprise.

And of course, the sex was mind-blowing—urgent and filled with a mutual passion that was stunning.

He finally confided in a boyhood friend, who had grinned ruefully, shook his head, and then advised him to have a professional look into her past.

He had to admit his friend had a point. He knew all too well that wealth and power could make one a target, and as much as he didn’t want to believe Maggie wasn’t on the level, it would be foolish not to take a few precautions.

Luckily, he knew just who he could trust to do the job discreetly, a man who had been on his payroll for many years.

And there was very little that this man didn’t know about Michael’s life and business.

Including Maggie.

Michael stood up from his chair and walked to massive floor-to-ceiling windows framing his corner office, staring out at the dazzling city lights below.

He knew if there was anything to find out, Ethan was the man who could dig it out.

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