A Serial Story

A Serial Story: An Introduction

Since we love writing, one feature of this blog will be an ongoing collaborative story. To read it from the beginning, simply choose “A Serial Story” from the top menu or from the drop-down “Topics” menu on the right sidebar and read from bottom to top. If you’d like to collaborate, you’re welcome to! Simply contact us, and we’ll add you as a contributor, and you can add to the story whenever you’d like!

Part 1

As he stood hidden in the evening shadows, he could tell that the object of his surveillance was up to no good. That didn’t surprise him in the least.

What did surprise him was how good she was at being bad. And how she had fooled just about everyone into thinking that she was some sort of angel.

He grudgingly admitted that she certainly looked the part. From her glowing halo of platinum blonde hair to her porcelain skin to her petite five-foot-one frame, she looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. It was her eyes that pulled you in, though, making you think that she was as pure as the driven snow. Those pale grey orbs were so large and round compared to the delicate features of her face that they always portrayed innocence, even when the corner of her mouth quirked up, belying her inner devil.

He watched as she looked furtively around before knocking on a scarred wooden door, just one of many on the small, plain houses in this nondescript neighborhood.

The door opened a crack, and a soft yellow light spilled onto the stoop on which she stood, illuminating her long blonde locks. She hurried inside, and the man who opened the door stuck his head out and looked around the quiet neighborhood.

The watcher gave a sharp intake of breath as he recognized the man. The shadowy figure’s mind began churning as he calculated the implications of that man’s presence inside the little bungalow.

There would be hell to pay.

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