About the Seeing Synchronicity Girls

Who are we? In a nutshell? Three girls who like writing, hanging with friends (in person or virtually), and following synchronicities.

If you’d like to know more, here’s our personal bios, in alphabetical order.

http://2.gravatar.com/avatar/b322ee86d099c8018a4aa827d212b72b?s=70&d=mm&r=g DANA

Dana sucks at writing interesting bios, so you can skip to either of the more exciting ones by Mary and Susan below and not miss out on anything.

The things in life that Dana loves passionately, she has loved since she was a young girl: dogs, reading, writing, Trixie Belden, mysteries, the Detroit Lions, the paranormal, learning about new things and diving down a rabbit hole of research, science, kids, hot sunny days spent on the beach, cooking, the Great Lakes, traveling, boating, camping, libraries, Vietnam, giggling and gabbing, just to name a few. It should be mentioned that she always has been and still is a bit of a daddy’s girl.

Her love of reading, writing, and learning about new things led her to her career as a science writer and editor. That she gets to indulge in a lot of travel through her job is gravy. That she gets to work at home on her 20 gorgeous acres in Michigan and spend the day with her boys (Mac the yellow Lab and Scout the miniature schnauzer) and indulge in cooking adventures in between writing and editing scientific reports and summaries for government agencies—well, she knows just how lucky she is, even if she sometimes forgets. Although, the new spa bathroom complete with steam room that was recently finished helps her to remember. *angelic grin*

But as much as she loves these things, she knows what’s important in life: her husband, her boys, her family—including and especially her 12 amazing nieces and nephews—and her friends. Recently, she’s realized that she, her health, and her wellbeing are important, too!

She’ll always be grateful to her husband for nicknaming her Dana (because of her obsession with The X-Files) within days of meeting her back in 1998 and that a nickname she finally loves stuck. She really doesn’t like her given name and tolerated its derivatives as nicknames until the glorious, magical “Dana” came along.

She has more comprehensive bios elsewhere on the internet focusing on some of her specific interests. Her love of traveling and obsession with Vietnam are chronicled at Wanderlustro.us. Her love of reading and obsession with Trixie Belden are covered on her Trixie Author Page, written ages ago to fulfill a former author requirement of one of the online Trixie Belden communities. Her love of writing and 16-year hearty participation in the phenomenon known as National Novel Writing Month are detailed within her NaNoWriMo profile. If you’re interested in her reading habits, you can check out her GoodReads profile. (Note: You must be a registered NaNoWriMo or GoodReads user to view either of these profiles.)

Although she’s allergic to Facebook, every so often you can find her at Dana Wanders, usually talking about travel.

If you’ve made it this far, you can breathe a sigh of relief and move on to the more interesting bios.


http://1.gravatar.com/avatar/78ce604f75368c5c04cd537abdb86199?s=75&d=mm&r=g MARY

She could be one, or many, or none of these things; take your pick, or add your own!


International spy


Guinea pig mom

Fat girl

Shady Corporate Shell CEO

Music lover

Tap dancer

Master chef

Former Olympic gymnast


Good friend

Terrible friend

She loves/hates/is indifferent to the following; take your pick or add your own!


Ranch Dressing

Good writing

The smell of woodsmoke on clean, cold air

Reality Television


Shared laughter

Watching zit pop videos


Trying on clothes

The sound of a purring cat


People who think they are smart, but who are stupid

Cracking knuckles

Fake tanning spray

Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cups


Public speaking

Getting lost in a good book


Shaving my legs

Old movies

Modern art

Black and White Photography

Funny animal videos

A handwritten letter


Panty hose

She can or cannot…take your pick or add your own!

Speak multiple languages

Sing on Key

Play Chopin’s Polonaise

Burp on command

Play the guitar

Tap dance

Put on Eyeliner

Type without looking at the keys

Run fast

Fit into a size 6


Go to the movies alone

Make decisions

Take good pictures with a Camera

Make friends

Leap a tall building in a single bound


http://1.gravatar.com/avatar/d97d9579fa281124d3e9d0bb063b4524?s=75&d=mm&r=g SUSAN

Susan always wanted to be a writer and somehow kind of morphed into being one when she wasn’t paying attention, which is kind of how things happen to her.

She has written fiction, non-fiction, technical documentation, poetry, computer programs, blog posts, term papers, long email screeds and several thousand checks over her lifespan.

Her day job involves writing a lot of computer code.  She really likes it.

She lives in a house that has a red sectional couch, an old upright piano that is out of tune that she plays the Maple Leaf Rag on sometimes, and a curved glass bookcase from the early 20th century that once belonged to her great-grandmother, and she really likes that, too.

She likes God, her family and friends, writing, computers, mysteries (both solved and unsolved), music of all kinds, the color red and Coca-Cola.  She might be seen conducting Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in her car or plotting trauma for her story characters while shopping at the grocery store. 

She also doesn’t write about herself in the third person too often, which is probably better for the world in general.  She has a weird sense of humor, is sarcastic, likes witty people and wields a very mean spork.

If you want to find her outside of these pages, you can find her on Facebook.  Feel free to contact her there.  Especially if you know what happened to Amelia Earhart.