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  • A Serial Story

    A Serial Story, Part 4

    Michael Koch leaned back in his chair and wearily rubbed the bridge of his nose. God, he thought that meeting would never end. He’d long stopped asking himself when had meeting with the board stopped challenging and energizing him and became merely something to endure. Because at this point, it felt like forever. As heir to his family’s fortune, he had spent many years proving that it was talent, not entitlement, that had landed him on the Forbes Top 400 list. But somewhere along the line, he had stopped caring. Truth of the matter was, he was bored. Meeting Maggie had been like a breath of fresh air. His marriage…

  • On Life


    Busyness has become an unhealthy status symbol, argues a column in The New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/29/smarter-living/the-case-for-doing-nothing.html) , and it’s affecting our well being in profound ways. One piece of advice is to ignore the pressure to do something — anything — and follow what the Dutch call ‘niksen.’ Essentially, niksen is the art of doing nothing: not meditating; not eating healthy nor being actively mindful but just being idle. The upside of conscious boredom? It drives creativity and increases focus.

  • On Life

    Friendship is the Bread of Life

    Friendship is the bread of life… But money is the honey. Kidding! I’ve always been blessed with amazing friends in my life. Unfortunately, I didn’t always appreciate it the way that I should have. I remember a time when I was obsessed with the idea of popularity, mainly when I was in grade school/junior high/high school. I wasn’t one of the popular kids. I never showed up in candid photos in the yearbook, nor was I ever selected “Most.” I felt this “lack” keenly. I’m embarrassed to admit that I spent years fretting about this sort of thing and feeling unhappy about it. Oh, woe! And yet, all during that…