• A Serial Story

    A Serial Story: Part 3

    Meanwhile, the man watching the little bungalow stood quietly in the shadows, contemplating his next move. So Maggie was somehow involved with Alfonso. Interesting, very interesting. The man ran a slender hand through his wavy brown hair, as he often unconsciously did when his mind was stewing over a problem or plotting his next move. This time, it was both. Maggie and Al being in cahoots was a problem. A bog one. And he had to determine exactly how to deal with it. Tell his employer immediately? Wait until he had more facts? Try to solve the problem on his own and then report to his employer? “C’mon, Ethan, think,”…

  • Writing Prompts

    60 Writing Prompts and WTF

    So, I came across this little gem searching for writing prompts (i.e., this is not a sponsored post, like all of our other posts). Not only does Freewrite have 2 months worth of daily writing prompts available, the website also has WTF–Writing Time Friday. You receive a post at noon Eastern each Friday and can join thousands of other writers around the world for a quick virtual write-in session! Check out the prompts or join WTF at getfreewrite.com/blogs/writing-success/writing-prompts-60-ideas-you-can-use-today.

  • Writing Prompts

    Writing Prompts

    Whenever we come across or think up a good (or even not-so-good!) writing prompt, we’ll post them to hopefully inspire some writing. To access them, simply click on “Writing Prompts” on the menu above or on the drop-down “Topics” menu on the right sidebar. Here’s a few to get you started from Martha.net’s Saturday Story Prompts: Death smells like cut grass, crisp and green under layers of motor oil and engine fumes. They chase the dragon’s shadow across the fields, arms outstretched and roaring as only six-year-olds know how. That’s their big secret: they’ve domesticated polar bears. He’s not sure he really wants to know why, but they’re obviously waiting…

  • Synchronicity

    Synchronicity, indeed!

    Many things have led us here, and we couldn’t be happier and more relieved that they did. This is a place of positivity and collaboration, something that reflects us and cannot be taken away. Do you remember the first time you read the last page of a Trixie book (or any book you loved dearly) and closed it? That feeling of exhilaration at  reading the satisfying conclusion, the sadness that you had come to the end of something so dear to you that you had lived and breathed, the anticipation of finding that next book and its new adventures, and the excitement of embarking on that adventure once you found…