A Serial Story

An ongoing collaborative serial story written by the synchronicity girls--and you! Please contact us if you'd like to contribute.

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    A Serial Story, Part 4

    Michael Koch leaned back in his chair and wearily rubbed the bridge of his nose. God, he thought that meeting would never end. He’d long stopped asking himself when had meeting with the board stopped challenging and energizing him and became merely something to endure. Because at this point, it felt like forever. As heir to his family’s fortune, he had spent many years proving that it was talent, not entitlement, that had landed him on the Forbes Top 400 list. But somewhere along the line, he had stopped caring. Truth of the matter was, he was bored. Meeting Maggie had been like a breath of fresh air. His marriage…

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    A Serial Story: Part 3

    Meanwhile, the man watching the little bungalow stood quietly in the shadows, contemplating his next move. So Maggie was somehow involved with Alfonso. Interesting, very interesting. The man ran a slender hand through his wavy brown hair, as he often unconsciously did when his mind was stewing over a problem or plotting his next move. This time, it was both. Maggie and Al being in cahoots was a problem. A bog one. And he had to determine exactly how to deal with it. Tell his employer immediately? Wait until he had more facts? Try to solve the problem on his own and then report to his employer? “C’mon, Ethan, think,”…

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    A Serial Story: Part 2

    “Are you sure you weren’t followed?” Alfonso asked as he shut the door behind the blonde woman, a lock of shaggy dark hair flopping onto his large, lined forehead. He impatiently brushed it aside, as he turned to look at his visitor. “I’m not an amateur,” the blonde said derisively, as she pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her purse. “That doesn’t answer my question,” Alfonso stated, staring at the woman with challenging eyes. In response, she rolled her own eyes. “Can I guarantee it? No. But obviously I don’t think I was followed, or I wouldn’t be here.” She lit a cigarette and sat down on the ragged…

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    A Serial Story: An Introduction

    Since we love writing, one feature of this blog will be an ongoing collaborative story. To read it from the beginning, simply choose “A Serial Story” from the top menu or from the drop-down “Topics” menu on the right sidebar and read from bottom to top. If you’d like to collaborate, you’re welcome to! Simply contact us, and we’ll add you as a contributor, and you can add to the story whenever you’d like! Part 1 As he stood hidden in the evening shadows, he could tell that the object of his surveillance was up to no good. That didn’t surprise him in the least. What did surprise him was…