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    It’s all about me.

    I started off this post a while back, and my life has kind of exploded. I am on my summer hours (no Friday work!) and so I can stay up later tonight (no 10 pm bedtime! Hurrah!). So I thought I’d take time to rework this post to be more than something I just slapdashed together So, it’s a little before 10:30. I had looked at my writing places, trying to figure out something I was in the mood to write. And finally, I just decided that the muses weren’t cooperating and that I was just going to sign off of all the distractable Internet places and go to bed.…

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    Don’t Fork With Me

    I’ve had a post rattling around my head for weeks, but running around the state, cleaning out 47 years of accumulation, having freakin’ Sophie’s choice with every family heirloom, trying to do my job and somebody’s else’s, running around the state partaking in end-of-year activities for seven of my twelve nieces and nephews, and trying to be a good and present wife (among a gazillion other things not even worth mentioning)…well, being a “good blogger” dropped way down on the list. But the post wouldn’t die, and just kept bouncing around in that scary place called “my brain.” In rare moments of solitude (like during the quick 5-minute showers I…

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    Blowing the Fumes Away of Exhaustion to Find the Calling Underneath it All

    I finished my “have-to”s around 7:30 tonight, and I came upstairs to sit at the computer, which is what I do most nights that I don’t have other things on my plate. I had put off doing bills and finishing my brother’s March guardian expense report this weekend, so that’s what I did yesterday. Forced myself, that is, because I really didn’t feel like it, but it needed to be done. I tried reading a few articles on productivity to inspire myself. I opened my 85% done chapter of Hart, which needs some reworking on a scene or two and the writing of another scene or two to be finished.…

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    What If I’m Not Doing My Best?

    The meme we posted on our Facebook account (“Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can.”) got me to thinking. I’m not doing the best I can. I’m really not. I write a to-do list everyday. I have a pretty fuchsia-and-turquoise to-do list notepad that I got from Amazon and matching fuchsia and turquoise sharpie pens. I use them every day. When I write my daily to-do list, I only put things on it that I can realistically accomplish in a day, maybe two. So the list is basically one I can accomplish on any given day. And yet I rarely accomplish the whole list. If I have…

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    Friendship is the Bread of Life

    Friendship is the bread of life… But money is the honey. Kidding! I’ve always been blessed with amazing friends in my life. Unfortunately, I didn’t always appreciate it the way that I should have. I remember a time when I was obsessed with the idea of popularity, mainly when I was in grade school/junior high/high school. I wasn’t one of the popular kids. I never showed up in candid photos in the yearbook, nor was I ever selected “Most.” I felt this “lack” keenly. I’m embarrassed to admit that I spent years fretting about this sort of thing and feeling unhappy about it. Oh, woe! And yet, all during that…

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    Compiling the Code

    I’ve always been a person who enjoyed numbers. I never wanted to be an engineer or some sort of mathematician, but I find numbers to be so very satisfying in their simplicity. 2 + 2 = 4. 15 x 5 = 75. No hidden meaning. No minefields. There is always a correct answer. Numbers are what they are. I think that is also what attracted me to the field of computers. Computers are based on math – 1s and 0s at the bottom of it all. And they are, at their core, very simple. Switch on? 1. Switch off? 0. So much easier than dealing with people. People are the…