That which led us here.

  • Synchronicity

    Where I Was Meant to Be

    The synchronicity started a couple of months ago. They were small. I didn’t know where they were leading. And then suddenly they were huge. And I thought they were my imagination. But then I discussed them with Mary and Susan, and they didn’t think I was crazy. They saw them, too. And at every step of the way, there were more and more and more and more synchronicities. And that has led me to this moment. It’s been both a baptism and trial by fire. But it has led me here. And here is where I was meant to be. Peace, y’all.

  • Synchronicity

    Synchronicity, indeed!

    Many things have led us here, and we couldn’t be happier and more relieved that they did. This is a place of positivity and collaboration, something that reflects us and cannot be taken away. Do you remember the first time you read the last page of a Trixie book (or any book you loved dearly) and closed it? That feeling of exhilaration at  reading the satisfying conclusion, the sadness that you had come to the end of something so dear to you that you had lived and breathed, the anticipation of finding that next book and its new adventures, and the excitement of embarking on that adventure once you found…