On Life

Compiling the Code

I’ve always been a person who enjoyed numbers. I never wanted to be an engineer or some sort of mathematician, but I find numbers to be so very satisfying in their simplicity. 2 + 2 = 4. 15 x 5 = 75. No hidden meaning. No minefields. There is always a correct answer. Numbers are what they are.

I think that is also what attracted me to the field of computers. Computers are based on math – 1s and 0s at the bottom of it all. And they are, at their core, very simple. Switch on? 1. Switch off? 0.

So much easier than dealing with people. People are the opposite of simple. So much complexity. So many masks. So much emotion roiling inside. Sometimes, you wonder if it is worth the effort and the pain and the hurt and the irritation and frustration that comes with trying to understand and love broken, imperfect people.

But if life is just all numbers and everything is simple and easy, you don’t have the swelling crescendos of symphonies black with musical notes or the intricacies of the monarch butterfly with its multi-colored wings, born through struggle. You don’t have the quirk up of a pair of lips and the raising of an eyebrow that speaks of a joke between friends that is so old and familiar you no longer have to say the words to understand the laughter behind it, and you don’t have the tight, almost painful hug that tells you your mother loves you after a long journey home.

Simplicity and complexity. They walk through life hand-in-hand. And the older I get, the more I find that I can appreciate the richness of life that includes them both.

So after a very complex few weeks, I am taking time to enjoy the simple. Just a couple of numbers to set my equilibrium to rights again. Three friends + an infinity of writing is the perfect equation for me.


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