On Life

Feeling Angsty

Why do I feel like I’ve missed out on something, when I’ve never even known what I want?

I'm neither a mod, nor a rocker, which makes me a mocker. :)

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  • Susan

    I think sometimes that America has such an expectation of DOING. People introduce themselves by what they do. “What do you do for a living?” People equate accomplishment in careers, and barring that, in romantic success. There’s very little room for people to be outside the box.

    But I think a lot of the times when I’ve come across this same question, I look at what I’m drawn to–where my gifts lie.

    You have such an amazing generous heart and such a way with people. And it seems so very effortless for you. You have such a gift of hospitality.

    Maybe look at things like that, if you’re wondering if you’ve missed out on something, and turn toward what you do have. I think there are a lot of people who would love to have some of the skillsets you do.

    And you’re not dead yet! There are so many things left to do. You might not be 20, but your age and status at life opens freedoms that you didn’t have when you were twenty.

    What would you like to do? What things tug your heart and captivate your mind?

    Don’t focus on the narrow ways that the world says you need to be successful in to be happy. What motivates YOU? What makes YOU happy? What do you enjoy doing?

    You are loved, sweetie, and you’re amazing, talented and wonderful. *hugs*