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So, I just applied for a second master’s degree. MFA in creative writing.

Talked to an enrollment advisor and went ahead and did it.

Now I am freaked the fork out!


  • Dana

    No foolin’! I really did it.

    National University. Strong military background and a 100% online program. May be a “diploma mill,” but I’m not really in it for the degree itself (since I already have an M.S. that has gotten me an amazing career)–I want to connect with other students passionate enough to go for the same thing, if that makes sense, as well as work with published mentors.

    I thought about applying to USC’s program (a month residency in LA? Count me in, lol!), but it was way more expensive, and I wasn’t sure I could actually swing the residency thing, as much as I’d kill to “hang out” in LA for a month. In the end, it wasn’t about having a degree from a super-traditional school (I already have one of those, too) so much as it was about gaining experience and connections and mentorship.

    No one talked about writing degrees at my writers’ conference, but one speaker said one sentence that really clicked with me, and the next thing I know, I am applying for an MFA 2 days later, lol! It was about connecting with other writers on the same track. That resonated, as I know you know. (Synchronicity, anyone? *g*)

    I can’t tell you how fired up that conference got me. I even signed up for a master class with one of the speakers on “making your fiction writing more dynamic.” I super cannot wait.

    And it has nothing to do with the fact that he has a PhD in English from MSU and taught there for a decade. Hahahaha!

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