On Writing

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

So, yeah, it’s been a while since any of us were here. I could go into all that and talk about how hectic our lives are or all the things are that we cope with and what’s on our plates, but you’ve probably heard most of it in some form or another over the years, and I’d just rather get to the point of writing something down that doesn’t involve that. 🙂

So, I was trying to come up with a “writing” idea. I went into the blog with the idea that maybe I’d find a topic online to discuss writing-wise, and meandered a bit through interviews with Stephen King about writing, and I wasn’t really finding anything that struck me.

But when I went into the blog, there were 86 comments. Comments from all those spammers who like to clutter up blogs with “I like your blog. Come look at these cheap purses!” or “You really struck me with your comment, and of course, this link I’m providing in the comment is safe and won’t take you to some Chinese/Russian site where we’ll steal your credit card information.”

And normally, I just delete stuff like that and don’t think another thing about it. But my mind is rested today and I’m sitting up here in the quiet, and so it starts to get restless and wonder about things.

Like…what kind of person sits and makes up these blog posts? Do they get a lot of hits on them? Do people click on the link in the comments because they’re curious? Or do people get lured by the generic praise for their blog posts? Are people that lonely and wanting recognition from someone, somewhere, no matter how bland and non-specific it is?

And then my mind goes to the fact that maybe there’s a spammer somewhere. Some guy sitting behind his expensive electronic set-up with five monitors, and half a dozen top-end PCs and laptops that are churning out thousands of these comment spams a minute, and his job is to comb through the replies, should they come, and to start up a con to bilk the person out of money.

What kind of response to the comment would get a guy like this to pay attention? What common thread between the comment reply-er and the huckster pulling this con would get him intrigued?

Taking something as stupid as comment spam and going deeper. Pulling out the story that lies within.

There is always a story, waiting to be told.

You just have to give your brain space to find it.