On Life

Nostalgia 101

Even though there is the sadness of having to get up for work tomorrow, I am growing to appreciate Sundays. I get to relax, catch up on some things I haven’t had much time for during the week and let my mind wind down after a crazy week. I can see why God gave the command to have a day of rest.

After a mad comment posting spree (hi everyone!), I was thinking about some of the old things that Jix used to have around at the beginning, and I was remembering fondly those old blogathons. Raising money for charity by writing a story over 24 hours.

While I don’t miss the lack of sleep, I really enjoyed the seat-of-the-pants come up with stuff on the fly that was those writing marathons. Lots of giggling in the chatroom. Lots of ingenious twists and turns. And just such a spirit of fun and camaraderie.

I miss that.

Maybe I’ll have to do something like it again sometime. 🙂