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Now Novel’s 50 Creative Writing Prompts to Enrich Your Craft

What’s great about Now Novel’s prompts is that they’re not just random prompts to jump start your creativity. They are actually crafted to help you improve certain areas of your writing and actually explain how they help. They’re pretty darn awesome!

Do you need help mastering POV or tense? Creating compelling dialogue? Or vivid settings or interesting characters? How about creating strong openings? Crafting more effective sentences and phrases? What about eventful plots and satisfying endings? Who couldn’t use help in these areas?

Look no further than www.nownovel.com/blog/50-creative-writing-prompts/

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  • Mary Allen

    I will most definitely check that out. If I keep waiting for “the muse” or to be “in the mood”, I’m not sure if I’ll ever write again!