• A Serial Story

    A Serial Story: Part 2

    “Are you sure you weren’t followed?” Alfonso asked as he shut the door behind the blonde woman, a lock of shaggy dark hair flopping onto his large, lined forehead. He impatiently brushed it aside, as he turned to look at his visitor. “I’m not an amateur,” the blonde said derisively, as she pulled a pack of cigarettes out of her purse. “That doesn’t answer my question,” Alfonso stated, staring at the woman with challenging eyes. In response, she rolled her own eyes. “Can I guarantee it? No. But obviously I don’t think I was followed, or I wouldn’t be here.” She lit a cigarette and sat down on the ragged…

  • On Life,  On Writing

    Blowing the Fumes Away of Exhaustion to Find the Calling Underneath it All

    I finished my “have-to”s around 7:30 tonight, and I came upstairs to sit at the computer, which is what I do most nights that I don’t have other things on my plate. I had put off doing bills and finishing my brother’s March guardian expense report this weekend, so that’s what I did yesterday. Forced myself, that is, because I really didn’t feel like it, but it needed to be done. I tried reading a few articles on productivity to inspire myself. I opened my 85% done chapter of Hart, which needs some reworking on a scene or two and the writing of another scene or two to be finished.…

  • On Writing

    Description (noun): a spoken or written representation or account of a person, object or event

    Let me start out by saying that I loathe writing description. With the passion of a thousand hot suns. Or perhaps the fiery burning fury of a formerly quiet toddler whose favorite toy has been yanked away by another child yelling, “Mine!” I can write an entire scene of a story with the characters being in a vacuum, unmoored from time and place. And if I go back into the story to try to add description, I try to find things the character can be doing. Picking up a glass, fiddling with something, playing with their hair…to the point where it becomes more of a tick and distracting to the…

  • On Writing

    Words, words, words

    I fight to write. Can’t put words to paper. So tired. Words swim on the page. Barraged with words, never ending words. Posting. Tweeting. Facebooking. Instagramming. Googling. Cutting, biting words replaying in my head and in my heart wearing damaged tracks in my brain and my soul. Need to find a way to counterbalance. To find the silence. The place between words. What does the silence say? What writing comes out in the silent spaces between the words?

  • On Life

    What If I’m Not Doing My Best?

    The meme we posted on our Facebook account (“Be gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can.”) got me to thinking. I’m not doing the best I can. I’m really not. I write a to-do list everyday. I have a pretty fuchsia-and-turquoise to-do list notepad that I got from Amazon and matching fuchsia and turquoise sharpie pens. I use them every day. When I write my daily to-do list, I only put things on it that I can realistically accomplish in a day, maybe two. So the list is basically one I can accomplish on any given day. And yet I rarely accomplish the whole list. If I have…

  • On Writing


    They seem to be ever around us, don’t they? Looming with all their pressure and stress. Get the presentation prepared before the meeting on Friday. Gotta have that volcano ready for the kid’s school trip to the science fair on Monday. Deadlines for government forms. Deadlines for turning in applications. Deadlines for just about everything you can think of. Even for writers doing writing. I don’t know about you, but I actually do better with deadlines. I’m a person who does well within a set structure. I like having a job to go to, a commute that stays roughly the same, and plans for my day. I am not what…

  • On Writing


    We talk about synchronicities here, and it’s easy to see them in all sorts of places when you’re looking, but I have to say that God has been trying to tell me something today. So, first, I stumbled onto this article earlier this morning, and I thought, “Oh! That’s a good topic to write about!” And then I scribbled the thought down on a Post-It at work and didn’t think much else about it. When I was sitting on my couch at home after a long day and my eyes were starting to droop, I thought, “Oh, I’ll just write something tomorrow.” And then I saw this: And, well? LOL!…