On Writing

Whatcha writin’?

Now that I blasted through catching up on comments (you know you all miss me doing that…*G*), I thought I’d find out what everyone’s working on.

Hey! Even if you just have some ideas or goals! Share ’em with us. Maybe we can help brainstorm and develop them into something you’re enthusiastic on digging into!

As for me, I just finished a chapter of the Hart mystery, and I’ve roughly plotted out the next 2-3 chapters. And I have most of the first scene done of part 3 of my auction story for Jenn (which is tremendously overdue. *sigh*). I’m trying to alternate between those two so that I eventually will get them both done.

And I have some really, really exciting ideas for the next story after Hart (which will be the whole Brian/Honey wedding/honeymoon extravaganza). Lots of plans for that. Now if I can just get there already!

So how about all of you? What are you working on, planning, considering, creating?


  • Dana

    Now that the house is cleaned out and sold, and I have a lead on an agent for my two novels set in Vietnam, I am going to turn my attention to them! I was planning on writing some Trixie stuff once the nightmare was over, but now I am going to strike while the iron is hot! I need to clean them up!