On Writing

Words, words, words

I fight to write.

Can’t put words to paper.

So tired. Words swim on the page.

Barraged with words, never ending words.

Posting. Tweeting. Facebooking. Instagramming. Googling.

Cutting, biting words replaying in my head and in my heart wearing damaged tracks in my brain and my soul.

Need to find a way to counterbalance. To find the silence.

The place between words.

What does the silence say?

What writing comes out in the silent spaces between the words?


  • Dana

    That is wonderful, Susan! Not how you’re feeling, obviously, but the poem. And such a cool notion. I am going to think about what writing comes out in the silent spaces between words next time I sit down to write (which I’m hoping will be by May!).

    • Susan

      Thank you so much, sweetie! And I hope you did get some writing time in there somewhere. I need some silent spaces between the words!

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