On Writing

Writing Time

Every writer has issues of some sort. I don’t know any authors who find coming to the piece of paper (figurative or otherwise) with brilliant thoughts every day easy and who never find the writing process difficult. I don’t think that ever happens.

And of course, that’s similar to any other profession. Every profession has its issues and restrictions and problems that have to be overcome to achieve what it is you’re looking to achieve. A manager has to deal with problem employees or problems between employees. A cashier has to deal with rude customers or a cash register that doesn’t give the right results. A gardener has to deal with weeds and bugs and weather that doesn’t cooperate. Every job has its problems.

For writers, there’s the issue of writer’s block. Or characters who won’t do what you want. Or lack of ideas.

But my issue always is making time for writing.

I am busy, yes. I have a lot on my plate to be sure. But I always have time in my schedule for a game of Sudoku. Or watching a video about a British guy who was trying to get a flyover for American Air Force airmen who saved his life as a boy (and speaking of that, if you want, grab a handkerchief and watch this: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/flyover-honors-wwii-airmen-who-saved-lives-of-british-children/).

And always, once I get started, I’m usually good for writing for a period of time. It’s always that initial start that is the problem.

How about for you? Where do you struggle in your writing? Or, if you’re not a writer, what prevents you from getting up and doing what you feel you are meant to be doing? What methods do you use to get yourself motivated?


  • Dana

    As the world’s biggest procrastinator, pretty much everything I do in life is like you described! I have soooooo much trouble getting started, but once I do, I can be immersed in whatever project it is for hours, happily plugging along and making progress.

    Writing used to be like that for me. But I have noticed the last few years that when I sit down to write, I struggle. I struggle a lot. The ideas won’t come. The characters won’t cooperate. The words are trite or boring or don’t capture exactly what I want to say.

    Sometime in January I made some writing goals and decided that I was going to start outlining stories to see if that would help. I haven’t actually had time to sit down and do that, but when I do, I will let you know if it has helped me at all.

    As far as your question about what finally motivates me to take action on projects–usually a looming deadline, lol!

    • Susan

      I’m very similar (as you know!). Deadlines really help. Although those Christmas story deadlines at Jix were nail biters for me. And I didn’t think I’d finish that story for Amy’s compilation. But it’s definitely a motivating factor. I get more done on the eve of a deadline than any other time of the year. LOL!

      I do love the feeling of getting immersed in a project–whatever it is. There’s something so exciting about just being in the zone on something. Whether it’s writing or work-related or something at home…it’s like things are working the way they were designed to.

      I’m sorry writing has been such a struggle for you lately. Hopefully, some of your (awesome) ideas will help jump start you again.

      I know that when I have more free time and less going on and less stress, my zest for writing seems to come back with a vengeance. I think that may be part of my problem. Too much going on mentally and emotionally and I just can’t cope with writing on top of it all.

      I’m trying to look for ways to simplify things. Not so easy!!

      But I look forward to hearing about how your ideas work out for you. Maybe there’s something in there I can try!

  • Mary Allen

    I struggle with being an utterly lazy and undisciplined person. I always seem to head towards the hedonistic path and am the Queen of Procrastination. Sigh.

    • Susan

      Maybe you just need to make writing a hedonistic pleasure!

      You should just write chapters like your Brian and Honey 17.5 and tuck them into all your stories. *grin*